So you wanna be a cam girl


I’ve been getting these questions frequently so here it goes!

So You Wanna Be A Cam Girl

Disclaimer: Please be weary. Not everyone on the internet is your friend. There are in fact people that will screenshot you, just because.  I’m sure if you work at a law firm, you don’t want your boss to have his/her hands on your porn. I have a friend who’s video has surfaced at her job, and ended up getting her fired. SO IF YOU ARE GOING INTO A CAREER WHERE BEING NAKED ONLINE IS FROWNED UPON BE CAUTIOUS!!!

I am by no means rich, why? Because I go on hiatus a fuck load. If you’re a dancer and you have regulars, they are your consistent income. Online, there are 100’s of ladies who look like you, therefore, you need to try like fuck to maintain a regular type schedule or just be on at least a few days a week.  If you want to get creative, say you’re going on vacation, maybe send your regular (If you have their personal info, or if you’re on a site that allows things to be sent) send a nude or a video just to keep them interested.

Once again, this is the internet, these are men/woman you don’t know, don’t trust. Don’t give out your number or anything else of that sort.  All of these sites want to keep the business they have, which means if you’re caught giving out personal info they’ll ban you from the site and freeze all funds.  I’ve done the whole “giving skype with paypal” thing, and its a huge risk, because if paypal finds out (they normally do when multiple funds are coming from many different users) they will freeze your account, its a christian run company the doesn’t tolerate porn (notice on porn sites you can’t pay with paypal).  You” see many financial dominatrixes use amazon e cards, because you can’t cancel it or anything either.  I’ve had regulars who’ve fucked me out of money, that’s part of why these sites are around secure for both parties!

Try like fuck to have ONE alias, and WATERMARK your videos and photos if possible. Why? Because people are assholes, and if someone does decide to put something somewhere, the viewers will find you, and love you.

Get some kind of social network for camming (twitter, tumblr, Instagram) so you can let everyone know about any new content, take requests, and when you’re online.

Clips4Sale/Images4Sale- probably the most well known for selling clips. Most dungeons and dommes I know use this. When you update frequently you get a ton of business…. I unfortunately do not, lol.

ExtraLunchMoney- love it because it has a full request page, making it easier to find some clients

Mygirlfund- I got banned for giving out my email (told you kids it’s serious) love it because it has everything ExtraLunchMoney has plus live cam and the members must pay to message you.

Streammate & LiveJasmin- I know it have high traffic but I haven’t really used either so I’ll get back to you

Imlive- my favorite! Has a page where members can request a specific type of show, recorded live sessions for people to watch when you’re offline, and 24/7 support.

Myfreecams- high commission, ridiculous trolls, unlike the other live cam sites I listed, you can be completely nude in free chat making this site the most competitive

StripperTVLive (and it’s sister site for men is gogoboyslive)- run by friends and sometimes we broadcast from clubs, and they’re expanding the site to make it more user friendly with links to girls other profiles and a teaser video and what not.

Hope this helps!

Now some shameless self promo:

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livejasmin/myfreecams/streammate: LuluKramer

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I apologize for errors, I had to rewrite this three fucking times. 😳

lulu wrote a lovely piece on how girls can get started in the sexual internet world
but also there is a tail of caution to this tale
cam work and sex work is not for everyone. 
and it’s not something i would expect to keep secret ever
but yes. thanks to lulu for takin the time to type this up.

Anonymous asked:

What was your childhood like? Your teen years?

tbt - my teen years were a lil rough. i didn’t have much guidance but i was happy to try to figure out things on my own. there were lots of drugs, drama and friends to experience those things with, including my sister. a lot of doing my own thing, or with friends. my teen years were rough but fun so i wouldn’t change them ever.