i don’t wanna deprive you of media to buy but i’m not gonna lie about me going outta my mind . that’s the update . i will have new videos up soon. if you haven’t checked out the 170 videos on my clips4sale, please do so before i add more videos. every video you purchase from meow until the end of the month will go directly to baby boy cuz he needs it. so support your princess and her little baby cat. he desperately needs a flea bath and to get a checkup. XO

I can’t find baby boy

I am super sad and scared . I don’t know what to do. I’ve looked everywhere…I am super sad and scared and drunk in Sorrow . I hope I wake up to him on me in the meowning, not mourning, hopefully tomorrow. I am trying not to die. I pray that everything will be fine. Xo send good vibes to baby boy please guide him home if thAts where he wants to be or reveal him to me if he is in the house hiding so mote it be. Xo.